Meet the Number 47 Karimbla Rd Team


Centre Director (Currently on Maternity Leave)
Nominated Supervisor
Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
I believe children and families are the foundation of our service and play a vital role in our program and the children’s learning within the centre. I believe through our strong partnership and collaboration with families we are able to develop our goals and provide consistency between the centre and the child’s home life to enrich and enhance each child’s learning. Each child is valued as an individual and respected and valued for their uniqueness. I believe that staff are educators and play an important role in the future of our children, educators are active contributors in children’s learning, who through meaningful interaction and learning experiences provide a curriculum which actively supports learning and development of children at every stage. I believe that a learning environment should be fulfilling, enriching and supporting of all learning and growing opportunities. Our environment is aesthetically pleasing and encourages learning, development and free choice through rich materials, resources and surroundings.



Centre Director/ Nominated Supervisor
Educational Leader 

Bachelor of Teaching (Birth to 5 years)
I believe children should feel a strong sense of identity and belonging in any learning environment. I believe children thrive when they feel supported, respected and valued. Working with children is my passion and I wish nothing more than to make a difference in their little lives. I believe children carry the memories of their childhood into adulthhood and I believe setting a positive tone to education and care will support life long learning in the future. After all, children are our future.



Room Leader 3-5 years 
Diploma of Early Education and Care

I have always been interested in teaching and motivating the next generation, so to be able to be a child care teacher is both satisfying and rewarding industry to be in. Being able to teach a child a new skill to then watch them play and see how far there imagination goes makes me love what I do and definitely puts a smile on our faces when you see the children accomplish and be proud of the new skills they have learnt. I love what Karimbla’s values stand for and knowing that the children here are going to grow up and lead the next generation is what I love here.



Room Leader 0-2 years
Diploma in Early Education and Care

As an educator I believe in providing a safe and fun environment for all the children. I believe having a nurturing approach will make children feel safe and secure while are Karimbla. I feel I have a responsibility in supporting and guiding young children in their learning and development. My aim for children is for them to be become independent, resilient and confident individuals who enjoy coming to preschool to learn and engage with new people.  




I believe that every child deserves a safe, happy, and fun environment where they can grow, explore, and learn as a person. I believe that each child is special and unique in their own way and should be able to express themselves in an environment that they are comfortable in. I believe early education is the foundation for each child’s future learning and I hope to help each children to learn and grow at their own pace to make them confident learners in the future.




As an early childhood educator, I believe that the first 5 years of a child’s education is integral for their development, I believe that going to day-care should be a fun, safe and exciting experience for children, as well as a place to learn. I have had a passion for working with children since a young age and take pride in helping to support their development, gaining independence and watching each child grow as an individual.




Certificate 3 in Early childhood education and care

As an educator I believe that the first 5 years of a child’s life is critical to learning and that all children need to feel that they belong in an environment that they feel safe, secure and respected. I also believe that each child is a unique individual and that all children develop through their own pattern of growth and development. I believe that inclusion and cultural understanding is an important part of the curriculum and each child’s learning. I aim to support children’s self-confidence and self-esteem which is important in reaching their developmental milestones as well as providing a safe, nurturing environment where they can develop physically, mentally emotionally, spiritually and socially in order to reach their full potential.



Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and care
Studying Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

As an Educator I believe it is important that children are loved and cared for as well as given the same opportunity as any other child. I also believe that children learn through play and I aim to provide a variety of educational play experiences in a safe and welcoming environment each and everyday. I believe all children learn and develop at different paces and it is important that all children are valued as individual learners.



Certificate 3 in Early childhood education and care
Studying Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

"Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded." Every child deserves a chance to be supported, cared for and nurtured from an early age. My goal as an educator is to help children self express from within and develop strong relationships in a safe and fun environment.



Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

I believe that early childhood education is the basis for the teaching that children will receive for the rest of their life. As an early childhood teacher, I’m passionate in allowing for the best quality learning whilst children are on our care. As a teacher, I love helping and watching children learn, but I also believe in the importance of learning from children as well as teaching them. Children have so much that they can teach us as educators, and it is important to listen and learn from them as well as the other way around. I also believe children come into our care with prior knowledge and it is our responsibility to build and scaffold upon this learning to help children reach their full potential. I believe in using the environment as another educator for children. Setting up engaging and interest-based experiences allows us to observe and build upon children learning as we watch them in their environment. I’m passionate about early childhood education and believe that we have such a privilege in getting to be involved in children’s lives and watch them grow and learn! 



Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care
Studying Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

I believe that Early Childhood is the most integral part of a child’s upbringing, and it is vital as an educator to ensure every child is happy, well-adjusted and cared for. I believe every single child deserves a safe and positive environment where every child can feel free to express themselves, grow and learn, and are encouraged to appreciate their differences and learn from them.  



Room Leader 2-3 years
Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

As an educator, it is my absolute pleasure to be able to provide a fun, interactive and safe environment where children are encouraged to learn, develop, discover and grow. My aim is to develop strong and meaningful relationships with children by encouraging them to explore their surroundings, experiment with materials and interact in play-based learning activities. I absolutely love having the opportunity to assist children in everyday learning activities which help them to develop their own unique skills, talents and personalities!  



Centre Cook

Becoming a mother at a young age I realised how important it is for children to interact with other children in a social environment to hlp them develop and grow. I am excited to be a part of the children’s development whether it is preparing nutritious meals throughout the day, having conversations with the 3-5 years children through my window or lending a helping hand in the 0-2 year’s room.



Early Childhood Teacher
Bachelor of Teaching (Birth to Five years)

As an early childhood teacher, I believe that all children are special and unique in their own way. I find it intriguing to search for these qualities in each child and provide a high-quality learning and fun environment for the children to further explore their interests. As an educator I aim to develop caring relationships with all the children and to ensure all their needs are being met and I thrive on learning about each child’s diverse backgrounds. As a mum of two I believe it’s important to make sure children feel safe and secure and to know that I am here to help them reach their goals and for the stars!