47 Karimbla Early Learning Centre Philosophy

We believe that creating a happy, supportive and inclusive place to learn will allow all children to reach their full potential and a lifetime love of learning. We view each child as unique and cater of all children by using their ideas and interests to inform our curriculum. We value our relationships formed with individual children and their families. These bonds are based on warm, trust, respect, understanding of individual needs, and allow all people attending the service to feel safe, secure and supported. Through these relationships children develop the confidence to become involved learners and explore without limitations. Play is valued as our most important learning tool at Karimbla Early Learning Centre. Through a variety of play experiences children explore, create, imagine and discover. We scaffold learning by providing meaningful experiences and interactions. We believe play is the foundation of learning and growth, providing the context to build and extend on knowledge, skills and understanding in a way that makes sense to individual children as they make sense of the world around them. We value a natural and engaging learning environment as the third teacher which is an integral part of our curriculum.  


Redeveloped with our children, staff and families in 2021